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What is Saline Rowing?

The Saline High School Rowing Club is a club sport for both men and women. The club was founded in 2004 and is managed by a board of directors, comprised of parents, coaches and team captains.

We have two competitive rowing seasons: Fall and Spring. The Fall season consists of longer races (like cross country) and the Spring is Sprint Season (like track). Most new rowers join in the Fall to get experience, learn to row, and prepare for the head to head competition in the Spring.

The team is self-funded in part by the parents, the student-rowers themselves, external support, and fundraisers such as the Great Gatsby Regatta. Although this is a club team, the team rows against varsity teams of other high schools and rowers can earn their Varsity letter. The club does not have cuts, and no prior rowing experience or knowledge is expected.

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How to Join Saline Rowing

Follow the instructions below to join the Saline High School Rowing for the season. Please plan ahead, especially when it comes to filling out the required forms, as some forms require testing.

To become a member of the Saline Rowing, you must:

  1. Complete the swim test.
  2. Complete all the forms on the Downloads and Forms page. Forms must be turned in no later than the first day of practice.
  3. Attend the Rower/Parent meeting. Bring your checkbook and your calendar to write down practice and regatta dates and times. This would also be a good time to turn in the forms you filled out in step 2.
  4. Pay fees for the season.
  5. Order the Rower Unisuit  (required for Regattas)
  6. Order the Rower Cap  (required for Regattas)
  7. Attend the first day of practice. Check out this season’s schedule.


Saline Rowing is a club sport, and, like other club sports, it is supported and run by the families of the participating athletes.

Fees are payable at the beginning of the season. Seasonal dues pay for coaches salaries, insurance, gas, regatta fees, rower regatta food, boat maintenance, end-of-season banquet, and other seasonal expenses.

Season dues

  • Rower $700.00 (pay online or by check)
  • Sibling rowers $375.00 (pay online or by check)

Pay rowing dues online – Saline Revtrak

  • Select “Rowing Items”
  • Select “Rower fee” or “Sibling rower fee”

NOTE: Dues checks should be made payable to Saline Area Schools/Rowing Club

If the cost of joining the team is the only thing holding you back, please contact to discuss possible solutions.


Team fundraisers help to purchase equipment including boats, boat parts, outboard motors, trailers, and oars. All team members are expected to participate in team fundraisers throughout the season. The team also sponsors fundraisers that rowers can participate in to apply to their seasonal dues. Learn more


All rowers must pass a swim test before they are allowed to practice on the water. The swim test can be taken at the Saline Recreation Center (refer to the swim test form for more information).

Saline Rowing follows all safety guidelines as established by the US Rowing Association

Forms Required to be a Saline Rowing Member

View the full list of forms required


Contact us if you have questions

If you have additional inquiries, please e-mail


Saline Rowing Mission

The Saline High School Rowing Team has been created to promote the sport of rowing for all high school student athletes. The team’s members will be held to the highest integrity when it comes to academic achievement and athletic performance, striving to become a model athlete in Saline High School and in the Midwest Scholastic Rowing Association.

Saline Rowing Vision

The Vision of the Saline High School Rowing Team is to provide the opportunity for any interested student to learn to compete in the sport of rowing. The rowing program will promote a healthy life-style, good sportsmanship, teamwork and self-confidence. All members are expected to follow the team rules, obey the safety guidelines and support the necessary logistics in order to create a successful athletic program.