Why practice is mandatory?

Athletes can learn lessons in rowing that they carry with them for the rest of their lives.

  • Respect for the team. A boat consisting of 9 people cannot function with fewer than 9, therefore the 8 other people may not be able to row. If your child misses practice, it not only jeopardizes their seat in the boat, but the boat as a whole.
  • Commitment. In general, school commitments can be managed. Crew teaches athletes about priorities, and doing what you said you’d do.
  • Effort and Discipline. Athletes learn about consistent effort while working towards long term goals. They also practice discipline and delayed gratification — valuable life lessons.

Attendance policy

  • 3 absences allowed.
  • After 3 absences, no participation in next regatta.
    • Still expected to attend

Exceptions: Illness (with note), religious holiday, academic obligations, family emergencies.