Sign Up For Rowing

To join the team, you must complete these steps:

Rower and Parent mailing lists.
Email addresses entered into Big Teams will be added to the rower and parent lists. These lists are our primary way of communicating information to rowers and families, so you’ll definitely want to be on the rower and parent lists, respectively. If you want additional addresses added, email them to

Sports Registration for Saline Area Schools.
Note that because we’re a self-funded club sport, you will not do “Step 3: PAY FEES ON-LINE THROUGH REVTRAK.” Rowing fees will be paid by check directly to the team. Because the school district holds our accounts, checks should be made to “Saline Area Schools”. You should complete steps 1 (BIG TEAMS ACCOUNT) & 2 (MEDICAL HISTORY). Note that step 2 handles your physical, and that must be in the system before your first practice.
SAS Sports Registration

US Rowing:
Each participant must have a current membership at US Rowing to participate.
Our code is: ARYR4

You can check on the status of your membership here.

Saline Area Schools Code of Conduct and Medical Authorization:
This form is required by the district for participation in sports and for overnight trips. It’s not actually a great fit for the way we do overnights (rowers staying with their families), but it’s the best way the district has to make sure everything is legal. You’ll need to print & sign them from here, then bring them to the coaches ASAP.
Code of Conduct and Medical Authorization