August 2018 Board Meeting


Saline Rowing Board Meeting

Liberty School

August 2, 2018, 6:30pm


President: Bill Christen

Vice President: Matt Nowicki

Secretary: Tammy Christen

Treasurer: Brent Dingman

Member-at-Large: Jennifer Nowicki

Fundraising: Mary Hays

Coach Fraser Christie

Coach Emily DeLine

Captain: Harrison Orwig

Captain: Clare Krasko

Committee Planning:

Carpool: Sue Stack has handed over the book. She will help with transitioning the new person.

Captain Report:

  • The captains are planning a team bonding event, possibly at a trampoline place and Blaze pizza afterwards.

Coaches Report:

  • Equipment: Coach wants to purchase used sculling oars ($1,600-$2,500), and some more electronics.
  • Fraser is working on the Handbook.

Treasurer Report:

The reviewed financial report covered July, 2018. Moved by TC and seconded by BC.


Besides the Gatsby, we have the Oscar’s fundraiser and the Row-a-Thon.

General Agenda Items:

  • The storage unit needs to be cleaned out.
  • The returning/new rower meeting will be August 29.
  • The next 4 board meetings will be the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Emily suggested a camping trailer for the coaches ($100/night).
  • September 16 is the adult Learn to Row from 2-6pm.