Saline Rowing Board Meeting, May 2017

Saline District Library
Tuesday, May 2, 2017, 7pm


President: Bill Christen
Vice President: Greg Schreiber
Secretary: Tammy Christen
Treasurer: Brent Dingman
Member-at-Large: Jennifer Nowicki
Fundraising: Mary Hays
Alumni Chair: Chris Frick
Captain: Ted Nowicki
Captain: Emma Frick

Committee Planning:

Food: The captains requested more Cliff Bars and chocolate milk.

Clothing: The board agreed to order 150 cinch bags.

The price of the polo shirts for the NJ regatta was discussed.

We can have an additional ordering window any time.

Captain Report:

  • The team needs to vote for new captains soon – it will be limited to incoming seniors. It was asked how new captain were transitioned. Maybe former captains could mentor new captains.
  • Recruiting was discussed. The team recruits at freshman orientation and parent (freshman) orientation.
  • The captains discussed possibly opening up the middle school “learn to row’ to high school kids as well.

Coaches Report:

  • Midwest: The plan is to leave at 11am Friday, arrive 3pm, rig and row.
  • Equipment: Coach would like the NRS straps prior to the Midwest regatta.

Treasurer Report:

The reviewed financial report covered April, 2017.

MOVED: CF, SECONDED: BC to approve financial statements as submitted/amended.

Equipment Needs:

  • Straps – discussed above under Coaches Report.

General Agenda Items:

  • Spring Banquet – date and location: The date is still TBD. It looks like the location will be the boathouse.
  • Website: The website desperately needs to be updated. Each board member will take a page and/or “their” page to update.
  • The next few board meetings will be June 14th, July 12th (at the Christens), and August 2nd.

Special Events/Fundraising:

  • We made a total of $275 at the Oscar’s fundraiser.
  • Gatsby update: The next meeting will be May 24th at 7pm.

Carol Wisner will be heading up the parent row. It will be $75 per seat and will include wine and cheese at the end of the row. It will be $20 for wine and cheese only.

Alumni Report:

  • Chris is working on a list of alumni. Chris emails the current alumni after every regatta to keep them in the loop.

Boathouse/Regatta Security:

  • We asked the parents to have their kids give them their valuables during the regattas.
  • The board suggested maybe having lockers/half size lockers at the boathouse.