Saline Rowing Board Meeting, September 13, 2017

Saline Rowing Board Meeting
Liberty School
Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 7pm


President: Bill Christen
Secretary: Tammy Christen
Treasurer: Brent Dingman
Equipment Manager: Cheryl Brill
Fundraising: Mary Hays
Member-at-Large: Jennifer Nowicki
Alumni Chair: Chris Frick
Coach: Fraser Christie
Captain: Dane Dingman
Captain: Fay Hargrove
Captain: Morgan Bergren

Committee Planning:

Website updating: Tammy and Scott will work together to update the website.

Transportation: The cabins at Midwest are starting to fill up.

Clothing: The window for ordering is open until September 25, 2017

Captains Report:

  • There was a team bonding event at the Bergrens on September 16, 2017.

Coach’s Report:

  • Equipment Needs:
    • We need to purchase a boat soon. We may want to hold off on trading in the Genesis.
    • One motor lock to replace the one that was damaged.
    • Coxswain box. Approximate cost is $700.
    • Speed coaches. Approximate cost is $400.
    • NRS boat straps. Brent will order.
    • One or two sets of slings.
  • P-card: Fraser will turn in the application for the P-card. He should receive it sometime in October.
  • Coach Fraser indicated that the team needs coxswains.

Treasurer Report:

The reviewed financial report covered August 2017.

MOVED: CB, SECONDED: TC to approve financial statements as submitted/amended.
Brent sent out the Rent-A-Rower credits.

Insurance: The board discussed possibly getting additional insurance for the team’s equipment.

Special Events/Fundraising:

  • Gatsby: the Gatsby event raised a net amount of $12,000. Mary Hays and a couple other board members will be sending out thank you cards.
  • Oscar’s: the fundraiser will be Saturday, September 30th. The fundraiser will be all day. 20% of all sales will donated to the team. The flyer will need to be presented at the time of purchase.

Alumni Report:

  • The alumni row will probably occur on Sunday, October 15, 2017. Time TBD. The board will order glasses and a cake.

General Agenda Items:

  • The new rower meeting was September 20, 2017.
  • We discussed the upcoming board elections. Bill will ask Scott Orwig to set up a survey.