Volunteer Positions & Responsibilities


  • Presides over all board meetings
  • Sets agendas
  • Main Liaison with the coaches
  • Main Liaison with Saline High School and Community Ed
  • Delegates duties and jobs to other Board Members and rowing team volunteers

Vice President

  • Coordinates volunteers for fall and spring season
  • Gives volunteer report at board meetings
  • Attends all school related meetings
  • Works with the “Food Committee”
  • Assists in coordinating the banquet


  • Maintains Saline Rowing’s budget
  • Submits appropriate paperwork to the school
  • Submits Saline Rowing team bills/reimbursement
  • Prepares monthly/seasonal reports
  • Sends correspondence to donors/sponsors
  • Main Liaison with Saline High School and Community Ed


  • Maintains board meeting minutes
  • Maintains Saline Rowing team roster with phone numbers/email/addresses
  • Sends correspondence as appropriate
  • Maintains all Saline Rowing documents
  • Reserves library meeting rooms

Equipment Manager

  • Ensures trailers have appropriate tags and inspections
  • Submits forms to treasurer and secretary as appropriate
  • Arranges for repairs/maintenance to Saline Rowing equipment
  • Keeps maintenance records for all equipment.

Fund Raising Chair

  • Establishes fund raising activities for the year – including Capital Campaign
  • Enlists help for events
  • Obtains Saline Rowing sponsors/donors
  • Submits all paperwork/expenses/donations to Treasurer
  • Works with Secretary for correspondence to all sponsors/donors
  • Works on advertising for fund raising events

Media Representative/Publicist

  • Writes articles for the Saline Reporter and submits in timely fashion
  • Works with team photographer
  • Assists with Web site management
  • Develop/update Saline Rowing team brochure for community distribution

Web Master

  • Updates website based on changes provided from Saline Rowing Board and coaches
  • Works with media rep and team photographer

Team Photographer & End of Season Video

  • Takes pictures at regattas
  • Works with web master and media rep
  • Puts together end of the season video and DVD

Food Coordinator

  • Oversees food committee and volunteers for each season
  • Monitors budget

Regatta Transportation

  • Ensures there are enough drivers for each regatta
  • Provides driving directions to each driver
  • Provides list of phone numbers to each driver for emergency contact
  • Works with Coach & Captains

Banquet Coordinator

  • Organizes and arranges Team Banquet
  • Including Food
  • Develops the “Program” – Will need to work with coaches and VP

Rower Clothing

  • Manages clothing order and coordinates with vendors for pricing and timing to ensure clothing order is delivered by season’s first regatta.