June 2018 Board Meeting


Liberty School
Tuesday, June 12, 2018, 7pm


President: Bill Christen
Vice President: Matt Nowicki
Secretary: Tammy Christen
Fundraising: Mary Hays
Alumni Chair: Chris Frick
Coach Fraser Christie
Coach Mike Pettit
Coach Emily DeLine
Captain: Harrison Orwig
Captain: Karolina Burtell
Captain: Clare Krasko
Captain: Jack Getty

Committee Planning

Website: Scott Orwig suggested maybe having an historical award timeline. It was also suggested that more information for each regatta be posted to the website.

Carpool: We need a new coordinator.

Captain Report

The captains need to organize a table at the freshman orientation and the open house in the fall. The captains also need to organize for the pep rally.

Coaches Report

  • Equipment: Some of the boats need maintenance.
  • Coach Fraser would like to purchase sculling oars.
  • Learn to Row will be June 15th/16th. Water and Gatorade will be needed.
  • The boathouse needs to be organized and finished. There is excess equipment to get rid of.
  • Starting in July, Coach wants to offer private lessons in the evenings. Maybe charge $40/hour.

Treasurer Report

The reviewed financial report covered May, 2018. Moved by CF and seconded by MN.


  • The hitch on the truck needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • It was suggested that we purchase collapsible picnic tables.


  • Samantha will be the new fundraising chair.
  • Great Gatsby: Training session on June 26. Meetings every 2 weeks.

Tickets are available on the sign-up genius.

Coach Fraser will reach out to Matt for a donation and Vespoli swag.

There will be another parent learn to row again in September.

  • Oscar’s: the team made $375 at the last fundraiser.

General Agenda Items:

  • Graduation Yard Signs: 28 were sold.