October 2018 Board Meeting


Saline Rowing Board Meeting

High School HUB Room

October 3, 2018, 7pm


President: Bill Christen

Vice President: Matt Nowicki

Treasurer: Brent Dingman

Fundraising: Mary Hays

Secretary: Tammy Christen

Member at Large: Jennifer Nowicki

Coach Fraser Christie

Coach Sierra Fancher

Captain: Claire Krasko

Committee Planning:

Website: The board decided to have all rowers sign up online, which will eliminate the need for an Excel roster.

Scott Orwig will check to see if we can do board elections via a website.

Carpool: Scott is still missing some transportation forms.

Photography: Kathy Isaacson will be the new team photographer.

Clothing: The orders are starting to come in.

Coaches Report:

  • Uniforms: They were ordered late. Should be here in a couple of weeks.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Fraser will be making small purchases for the boathouse.

Treasurer Report:

  • The reviewed financial report covered September, 2018. Moved by MN and seconded by MH as submitted.
  • Mary would like to track fundraising for the year.

Equipment Manager:

  • We will order 1 water bottle for each rower.


  • Oscar’s Fundraiser will be Tuesday, October 23rd.
  • There will be team bonding/fundraiser on November 30th from 3-9pm at Airtime and Blaze Pizza.

General Agenda Items:

  • Board elections are coming up.
  • We discussed some changes to the By-laws.
  • The storage unit still needs to be cleaned out.
  • The year-end banquet will be Thursday, November 8th.
  • The Christmas parade will be December 1st.
  • Each board member will be mentoring new rowing families.