September 2018 Board Meeting


Saline Rowing Board Meeting

High School HUB Room

September 5, 2018, 7pm


President: Bill Christen

Vice President: Matt Nowicki

Treasurer: Brent Dingman

Equipment Manager: Cheryl Brill

Fundraising: Mary Hays

Alumni Chair: Chris Frick

Coach Fraser Christie

Coach Emily DeLine

Captain: Harrison Orwig

Captain: Jack Getty

Morgan Bergren

Sierra Fancher

Committee Planning:

Website: Harrison will upload Gatsby pictures to Shutterfly.

Coaches Report:

  • Equipment: Fraser got a set of used U of M oars for $500, and 4 random oars to be used for Gatsby for $75.
  • The fall regattas will be from 7am-2:30pm. There will be full food for all regattas.
  • Fraser wants to check with the school to:
  1. Hang a boat instead of an old erg
  2. Display 2K test record board
  3. Store ergs at the high school
  4. Do a Row-a-Thon
  • Use Google Doc form (in email) for uniform parts. New hat required. Fraser will monitor which families have paid.

Treasurer Report:

  • The reviewed financial report covered August, 2018. Moved by CF and seconded by MN as submitted.
  • Brent will be refining the budgets/reports for 3 individual seasons.

Equipment Manager:

  • The team needs pump pots.
  • 3 picnic tables will be purchased.


  • Gatsby: Mary and Sam will meet to send thank you notes.
  • The committee would like to change the location and when to have the Gatsby.

Alumni Report:

  • Chris would like to move the alumni row to the spring season.

General Agenda Items:

  • The McPhersons are taking over Rent-A-Rower.
  • Board elections are coming up.
  • Scholarship requests have been approved, amount pending further requests after bills sent out.
    1. Existing long-time family.
    2. Returning family after not participating for a year. Younger sibling is also interested in joining the team.
    3. Expecting request from third family that has been on the team all 4 years.
  • Emily needs to get vetted to drive the truck.
  • The storage unit needs to be cleaned out.
  • The truck has a small leak in front gas tank.
  • Ongoing Topics:
  1. Review Bylaws.
  2. Eliminate $75 transportation fee.
  3. Team pictures.