Saline Crew Board Meeting
Saline High School Commons
Wednesday, July 12, 2017, 7pm


President:  Bill Christen
Vice President:  Greg Schreiber
Secretary:  Tammy Christen
Treasurer:  Brent Dingman
Equipment Manager:  Cheryl Brill
Fundraising:  Mary Hays
Member-At-Large:  Jennifer Nowicki
Alumni Chair:  Chris Frick
Coach:  Fraser Christie
Captain: Jack Wisner
Captain:  Dane Dingman
Captain:  Fay Hargrove
Captain:  Ryan Stack

Committee Planning:

Website updating:  Bill asked everyone to take a look and ask Scott to make any corrections or changes.

Clothing:  We discussed when we would open ordering windows for the fall.  We decided on one window for the returning rowers and one window for the new rowers.

Coaches Report:

  • Equipment: coach would like some large fours.  The cost is approximately $26,000 and will take 2-4 months for the boat to arrive.  Coach would also like 4 lock boxes and some new oars. We have a pontoon boat stored at I94 Marina.  We probably don’t need it and should consider selling it.  The marina would probably sell it for us.
  • Dave Fiske will no longer be coaching.  We need to try to find a replacement.


General Agenda Items:


  • The returning rower meeting will be at the end of August.
  • The new rower meeting will be in September sometime after the high school open house, which is September 14th.
  • The captains and rowers will be placing Gatsby posters around town to advertise the event.
  • Coach would like the kids to stay in cabins for the Leelanau Regatta.  Cheryl will be checking into lodging.


Treasurer Report:

The reviewed financial report covered June, 2017.

MOVED: CB, SECONDED: GS to approve financial statements as submitted/amended.

Equipment Needs:

  • The team truck needs a minor repair.


Special Events/Fundraising:

  • Gatsby:  The captains will oversee set-up and take down.