February 2018 Board Meeting

Saline Rowing Board Meeting
Liberty School
Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 7pm

President: Bill Christen
Vice President: Matt Nowicki
Fundraising Coordinator: Mary Hays
Treasurer: Brent Dingman
Coach: Fraser Christie
Captain: Dane Dingman

Coaches Report:

1. Coach will follow up with Vespoli.
2. The U of M boats are paid for and picked up.
3. No purchases made due to issue with P-Card.

Spring Schedule:

No Wy-Hi due to prom. There’s a possible scrimmage with Perrysburg at Ford

New Coaches:

Matt Eby and Dave Fisk are coming back as coaches. Fraser is working on getting
more coaches as well.

Winter Training ends March 9 th .

Middle School recruitment was unsuccessful.


Treasurer Report:
The reviewed financial report covered January, 2018. Moved by MN, and seconded by MH.

Row-A- Thon:
The goal is $1,000.
The rowers will get sponsors; individuals and/or businesses.
There’s a prize for the rower who gets the most pledges.
Coach Fraser will prepare the flyer.
Theme: Row to Grand Rapids – 138.5 miles/228 km
It will be held February 23 rd from 6-9pm at the high school gymnastics room; during the Saline vs. Skyline basketball game.
There will be a TV to run a photo loop.
There will be a bake sale.

We’ll have a table with rowing items and a banner.
There will be teams of 4 rowers.
Coach Fraser will make a progress map.

General Agenda Items:
Spring Break:
The deadline to register is February 21 st .
The hotel has added more rooms.

Coach Fraser will check on the cost of ordering uniforms.
The new and returning rower meeting will be March 1 st at 6:30pm at the high school.
Coach Fraser is working to possibly loan ergs to the conditioning coach to be used at the high school for other teams to use.

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