Saline Rowing Board Meeting, January 2017

Saline District Library
Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 7pm


President: Bill Christen
Vice President: Greg Schreiber
Website: Mike Ward
Secretary: Tammy Christen
Treasurer: Brent Dingman
Equipment Manager: Cheryl Brill
Fundraising Coordinator: Mary Hays
Member-at-Large: Jennifer Nowicki
Alumni Chair: Chris Frick
Coach: Fraser Christie
Captain: Emma Frick
Captain: Ted Nowicki
Captain: Andrew Dame

Committee Planning:

Website: Mike indicated he was looking for the spring regatta schedule. Otherwise, the website is up to date.

Transportation: Sue Stack continues to oversee carpooling.

Captain Report:

  • The captains are planning an ice skating party in February.

Coaches Report:

  • Winter conditioning is going well. Approximately 45 kids are participating.
  • The team has been using the new slides and kettle balls.
  • We discussed the need for new rowers to sign the waiver through U.S. Rowing.
  • The Spring season will consist of 5-6 regattas. We may attend the Canadian regatta again. The U.S. Club Nationals are in June.
  • The team may take a trip to Wyandotte to use the rowing tanks. The cost is \$150 per team for 1-2 hours.

Treasurer Report:

  • The reviewed financial report covered December 2016.
  • MOVED: CF, SECONDED: TC to approve financial statements as submitted.


  • Needs/wants: one pump pot, foot locker style totes, and wire harnesses. The harnesses will cost approximately \$500.
  • Boat replacement: Cheryl and Coach Fraser came up with a plan for cycling out boats. We won’t replace any boats until 2018. The Fisk and the Wolfe will be replaced at that time.
  • We have been actively searching for a truck to pull the boat trailer. Greg has been heading this up. We are looking for an F250 extended cab with approximately 100,000 miles on it, approximately 10 years old, and costs approximately \$15,000.

Fundraising/Special Events:

  • We will do the Oscar’s fundraiser again in the Spring. We need more advertising for this fundraiser.
  • The first Great Gatsby meeting will be February 9th at the Saline Library.

Alumni Report:

  • Chris is interested in increasing the alumni database. Maybe we can add an alumni link to the website.
  • We will host another alumni row this spring.

General Agenda Items:

  • Spring Break: The next meeting will be March 14th.
  • Assistant Coach Mike will probably be going down to Sarasota.
  • Chris will be signing the contract for Nathan Benderson Park.
  • The cost is \$150 per rower and is due by February 28th.
  • Spring Home Regatta: Bill contacted the township.
  • Returning Rower Meeting: The returning rower/new rower meeting will be February 23rd at Liberty School at 7pm.
  • Open committee positions:
    • Food – we are in need of one volunteer
    • Clothing – we are in immediate need of a clothing coordinator.
    • Rowing parent Jeff Cox has a connection with Under Armour.
  • Email/Phishing issue: Be aware that a harmful entity phished the website and sent an email that appeared to be from Bill. If you receive a rowing email that looks suspicious, please let a board member know.