Saline Rowing Board Minutes, December 2016

Saline Crew Board Meeting
Saline District Library
Tuesday, December 20, 2016, 7pm


President: Bill Christen
Vice President: Greg Schreiber
Website: Mike Ward
Secretary: Tammy Christen
Treasurer: Brent Dingman
Fundraising Coordinator: Mary Hays
Alumni Chair: Chris Frick
Coach: Fraser Christie
Captain: Emma Frick
Captain: Alex Wagner
Captain: Ted Nowicki
Captain: Jacob Ball
Captain: Andrew Dame

Committee Planning:

Website: Mike asked that the new board members send him their contact information.

Cooking/Food Supply: The food committee needs another volunteer, as Bill Christen is bowing out since he is now the board president.

Transportation: Judy Inge and Sue Stack are heading this up.

Captain Report:

  • The captains are planning an ice skating party in January or February.
  • The captains will continue to inform the food committee regarding what the team likes.
  • The team may do some cross training at Cross Fit Gym.

Coaches Report:

  • Winter conditioning is going well. 25-30 kids are participating.
  • Coach Fraser would like seat pads on ergs for each rower. We could buy the material and make our own. Coach Fraser would also like slides, kettle balls and bands.
  • Starting in Spring season, Coach Fraser would like to add a morning practice before school, 2-3 times a week, at Liberty, for varsity only. This extra practice for varsity will most likely be mandatory.
  • Coach Fraser is very interested in hosting a Salt Springs Regatta in the Spring season.
  • Coach is also interested in possibly participating in erg races.
  • Coach will email the president and treasurer his equipment requests to facilitate ordering. Julie Campbell can order the equipment.


  • The team needs a pick-up truck to pull the boat trailer. Briarwood Ford has agreed to work with us if want. Greg Schreiber has taken the lead on this. We need to find out if the school will finance half the cost of the truck and let the club pay them back.
  • Coach Fraser only wants to buy new boats going forward. Boats are considered “old” after 10 years.
  • In two years, the team will need a new 8 boat.
  • Two boats were recently painted at Scott’s Auto Collision.

Fundraising/Special Events:

  • We will do the Oscar’s fundraiser again in the Spring. We need more advertising for this fundraiser.
  • The first Great Gatsby meeting will be in February.

General Agenda Items:

  • Spring Break: The first meeting will be January 10th at the Brills house.
  • The board discussed the Canadian regatta.
  • Spring Home Regatta: It may be on May 13th. We need to get the township involved as soon as possible. We also need to start getting committee volunteers.
  • The returning rower meeting will probably be held at the end of February.